Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lewis & Clark: Hermann Hill Inn Explorers

            Pulling up to Hermann Hill Vineyard Inn & Spa, guests are greeted by two of Missouri’s greatest explorers, Lewis & Clark: Canine Companions.  That’s right, Lewis & Clark, Hermann Hill’s very own chocolate labs, will usually greet guests with their tongues out and their tails wagging, but no worries, they’ll mind their manners as our visitors walk by, expecting no more than a quick pat on the head.  So what’s a day like in the paws of these two best friends?  It’s full of fun, adventure, and the occasional dog treat. 
            Early in the morning, Lewis and Clark take their post on the far end of the driveway, watching over the hilltop as employees pull up.  The day is already a little brighter seeing these two bright eyed, fuzzy faces saying hello while heading into work.  They take their job very seriously, being at complete attention as everyone walks by.          
            As the day goes on, and the sun rises higher in the sky, they may decide to take a leave from the hot, black asphalt and take a stroll through our Norton vineyards, relaxing in the shade of these leafy vines.  If given the opportunity to watch these guys, you’ll notice they don’t take a step without the other following close by.  When it comes to Lewis and Clark, no dog gets left behind. 
            Guests staying in the Inn have the opportunity to give treats to these furry friends, found in the refrigerator of their room.  Undivided attention will be given to the holder of the treat as they’re told to sit, but once the tasty snack is given, Lewis and Clark are soon off to their next exciting adventure. 
            Like any great explorer, Lewis and Clark take the occasional detour, and stray from their intended path.  If seen in lands unknown to these precocious pups, just give us a call here at Hermann Hill Vineyard Inn & Spa so our friendly watch dogs can return home, once again. 

Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn
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