Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Hermann Hill Guest Contest Winners

Over the last few months we've offered guests three different contests to win Hermann Hill Gift Certificates:

1 - The Zen Contest: Guests can win a $50 gift certificate and a Zen Garden of their own
2 - The Art Contest: The best art sketch gets a $50 and a get a copy of their drawing
3 - The Relationship Tips Contest: offering guests the opportunity to share tips about how to keep a relationship strong and healthy. Winners get a $100 gift certificate.

April's Relationship Contest Winners:

Dick & Linda Beckman from Indiana:

"I had a young lady ask me, what our secret of 46 years of marriage was. Simply put, I told her there are no secrets. Marriage is a journey you must commit to making with your spouse. Sharing hardship as well as joys. You have to learn from each other and appreciate the smallest joys of life. Marriage can carry you through the toughest times. If you give yourself completely, the rewards are never ending. Enjoy each day being with each other."

Andrew & Amy Kuhl from Quincy, IL:

"Marriage - it takes work to make it work! Sometimes that "work" is in the form of a romantic getaway. In life we can all get caught up in the everyday hustle of running kids, making dinner, laundry, cleaning, and our careers. However we have to remember to stop, relax, and drink wine!"

This month's Zen Contest Winner sweetly featured baby feet! Babymoon anyone?

Actually this month's Zen Winners are Larry & Jeanne from Chesterfield, MO, who are featured as our first Hermann Hill Couple Interview. They celebrated their 62 years of marriage at Hermann Hill on April 10th. Check out their story here.

Art Contest Winner of the month: Tracey Alexander from Freeburg, IL, illustrated a stay at Hermann Hill, including an adorable drawing of our cookies and Port Sauce! 

A few lovely notes shared with us:

Mallory Fechte, from St. Louis, MO writes to her husband:

"Ryan, you picked the perfect place for us to celebrate our anniversary. You are so perfect, sometimes I wonder how you fell in love with me (by sometimes, I mean, mostly always). I love you, Mallory"

Tim & Sue Wacker from Wentzville, MO write:

"We've never been ANYWHERE that you can just show up with a change of clothes and nothing else, because EVERYTHING else is provided for you!! Not worrying about ANYTHING gives us a chance to really RELAX and enjoy each other's company... Romance is automatic when it's as peaceful as it can be here!"

Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn

Farm Adventures with Clark

As many of you already know, our dear friend Clark has left Hermann Hill and now resides on a private cattle farm 15 miles outside of Hermann, Missouri where he seems constantly entertained by plenty of opportunities to play in creeks, roam acres of pasture, and interact with the cows and their calves. Here is Clark’s latest muddy fiasco. 

Even though he is separated from his old pal Lewis he is definitely happy in his new home.  A recent story revealed that upon hearing the sound of coyotes howling in the middle of night, Clark decided to join in and howl with them.

 Lewis is still "spoiled rotten" at Hermann Hill and getting plenty of attention from our guests, staff and of course, Peggy and Terry.  He spends much of his day lounging amongst our newly planted grape vines and greeting guests. Lewis continues to be the lovable bear that he's always been.

Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn

Hermann Hill Couples, April 2015 - Larry & Jeanne

Larry and Jeanne Lamb celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary with us this April, a gift from their children. When they arrived for check in, everyone in the office was sparkly eyed, as if star struck. We were all so excited to meet them and hear about how they made it to 62 years. I got the opportunity to meet with them briefly while they were settling into the Vignoles Suite.

Being a newlywed myself I had to know the secret, so I just came out and asked, “How do I make it to 62 years of marriage?”

Larry’s advice came first: “Whenever you get aggravated, always hold your tongue. Don’t say what you’d like to say.”

He shared that he gave this little piece of advice to a young man who had been divorced 3 times and the man replied, “So, THAT’s what I've been doing wrong!” as if to have an epiphany. I guess not all of us have such patience in this day and age.

I then asked Jeanne if she had any advice to share. She smiled, looked at Larry lovingly, and then began to explain that she knew she wanted to be with Larry for the rest of her life because he was a good Christian. She eventually summarized her view by saying, “Marry someone who has your same spiritual mindset as you, so you can always pray together.” I thought this was really endearing after she mentioned that she didn't have a strong spiritual upbringing. She wanted to marry a strong spiritual leader, so she could attend church with her whole family; something she didn't always have growing up.

The Lambs met each other at a summer camp when they were teenagers. It was love at first sight. They knew right away that they were meant to be together, although Jeanne knew before Larry. She shared a moment with us where she was sitting on top of a hill at camp, saw Larry and told her camp counselor, “That’s the boy I’m going to marry.” She tells the story in our video, here.

When I asked them what types of things they like to do, Larry mentioned that they play a game together, nearly every night, instead of watching television, as a means to winding down from their day. This seemed like a great way to keep a relationship fresh and real. I could imagine them laughing together every night as he was explaining their routine. We strive to provide couples with ways to reconnect in a similar way at Hermann Hill, with activities like our 3 Mile Walk to simply playing chess in the living room.

Life very often gets busy and we forget to cherish our spouse, who should be our best friend through everything. I really appreciated how Larry and Jeanne seemed like best of friends even after 62 years. Maybe if we can all learn to “hold our tongue” and “pray together” we can all make it to 62 years with our spouse. It seems like having some time to relax and having fun together on a regular basis could be part of the special formula as well.   

Depending on the type of couple you are, Hermann Hill offers a variety of options of quiet sanctuary space for you and your spouse. From our premium spa rooms for couples that want to veg out to our luxury suites for couples that want to spend time out in town, we have something for every type of couple. If you’d like to plan a Hermann Hill anniversary celebration for your parents, friends or even a surprise for your spouse call 573-486-4455 and let us help you plan an anniversary to remember. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bringing in the New at Hermann Hill

Spring usually is about rebirth, renewal and “spring cleaning.” Well, we've added lots of new little bits to Hermann Hill’s experience that you will love exploring this spring and summer including what some guests call "the best pizza in Hermann." We've collected some great advice and feedback from guests to bring you these exciting new amenities and opportunities.

If you are a regular Cottage guest, you’ll love our new hammock, newly installed on Cottage 1’s Deck. As you may know, Cottage 1 can be rented out by multiple couples at a time because it provides shared living spaces with separate bedrooms and amenities. So, the next time you are planning a wine county stay, consider bringing some friends along and maybe someone will sleep in the hammock! Couples that rent out the entire Cottage get a discounted packaged deal.  

For guests that love to cook, we've added cook tops to all of the upper levels cottages and both of the kitchen areas in Cottage 1, as well as a full pizza oven just like you see over at the Inn deck. Even though Cottage 1 has a full pizza oven, all of the cottages now have portable pizza ovens, so you don’t have to grill your Hermann Hill Signature Pizza anymore.

Don’t worry. We've added a few new things to the Inn as well. We will now be doing “Sizzling Saturdays” on the Inn deck, which will feature a new breakfast menu, unique to grilling. Some of the breakfast options featured will be: grilled omelets, grilled vegetables, meat options, and our favorite, grilled waffles served with grilled ham and pineapple. Let our staff serve you out on the dinning deck this summer! 

For those light sleepers, we've put White Noise Machines in every room and also offer flavored water for those summer walks through downtown Hermann. Coffee grinders are now featured in every River Bluff Cottage as well, so now you can get that same fresh coffee taste that you get at the Inn.

We are really excited to launch our new, guest suggested, Hermann Hill Scavenger Hunt. This is a great opportunity for new guests who have yet to visit both properties. We will be offering this experience over the new few months this spring and summer, in which guests will be invited to find secret clues which eventually lead to a gift surprise. More details are soon to come. Make sure to ask the front desk about participating so they can give you the first clue!

Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn

Wedding Trail Winners

Hermann Missouri’s Wedding Trail turned out to be a great success for Hermann Hill. We were happy to host two giveaways; one being our classic lodging giveaway and our newest social media contest.

Our lodging giveaway was a simple drawing that the guests entered Cottage 501 during the lodging part of their wedding tour. Cottage 501 was open to show brides to be where they could spend wedding night, as a complimentary gift from our owners. The lucky couple, Amy and Daryl, who won the Cottage contest, actually booked their wedding with us and found out that they were winners while they were signing their contract!
The second contest at the Wedding Trail was a new social media contest we were trying out with ended up being very entertaining and successful. Brides to be, grooms and families were invited to take a creative “selfie” photo anywhere on the Hermann Hill property and share it to our Hermann Hill Weddings Facebook Page.

Our winner was David Anderson, groom to Melanie Auinbauh, from Columbia, Missouri. Their delightful little selfie featured our new gazebo set up with hanging windows and a chandelier which was a huge hit with the brides to be at Wedding Trail.  

Here are some runners up from the contest that we absolutely loved:  

Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Experience Hermann and Hermann Hill

Guest writing contest: 
In 2015 we celebrate couples and relationships.  After 45 years of marriage and 20 years of talking with couples we have learned how important it is to take time together to improve their relationships.  We are asking guests to share their advice and tips to continue a healthy relationships.  Guests entered into a monthly drawing for a $100 Hermann Hill gift certificate to be used for lodging, spa services or in our gift shop. This month's two winners are....

Andrew & Hannah- Fort Riley, KS wrote...

  • ·         Marriage is not a 50/50 commitment from each partner; healthy lasting relationships require 100% selfless commitment from both partners.

  • ·         Write letters even if it is just on special occasions.  They will be cherished!  My wife and I still have all of our letters from our dating days.  We have added to that with birthdays, anniversaries, and letters from across the world while I was deployed.

  • ·         Never underestimate the value of communication.  Talk to your partner.  He or she wants to know everything about you so never underestimate the value and significance of eve a short “trivial” conversation.

  • ·         Never hesitate to admit you are wrong and ask forgiveness.  Life is short; the time with the one you love is even shorter.  You don’t have time to waste on conflict.

 Carl & Mary- Blue Springs, Mo wrote...

  1. Encourage each others passions: it is great to have shared interests but also to have individual interests to pursue.
  2. Talk about the things you do together: even if you are just watching a tv show. Talk about it.  Make it an interactive activity rather than a passive activity.
  3. Be health conscious together: health care costs keep increasing and we want to grow old together, not have one member of the couple be unhealthy or pass before their time.  Walk, ride bikes, make healthy meals together. support and energize one another. 
  4. Make regular plans to just be together without distractions of phones, computers, etc.
  5. Do planned romantic things: Stay cations, trips to Hermann Hill, visit local attractions etc.
Guest Drawing Contest:

 We have had several guests in the past share with us art work on their breakfast papers, guest surveys and their in-room journals.  We put sketch pads in all of our guest rooms and asked guests to share their drawings with us and we would pick a winner each month.  The winners photos will be hung in our hallway going down to Vidal and Seyval Spa suites and send them a $50 gift certificate and a framed photo of their drawing.


Guest Zen Contest Winners: Jennifer Krueger

Zen gardens have been part of the Japanese culture for centuries.  They represent self-examination, enlightenment and create an environment for meditation and expression of thought.  We now have small Zen gardens in all twenty of our suites and cottages for our guests to create their own Zen masterpiece!  We are asking guests to take a picture with their phone of their Zen garden and we will send them a $50 gift certificate and their own Zen garden.

Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn

Lewis and Clark's Adventures on the Hill!

Clark was a great friend and playmate to many of our guests.  He loved spending day's with Lewis basking in the sun or assisting our staff with bringing in supplies (see photo to the left).   Whatever Clark was doing he always found a way to make it a mischievous adventure.  We adopted Clark in October of 2013 when he was 8 weeks old. 
Lewis immediately took Clark under his paw, sharing his toys and trying to show Clark the ropes on the Hill.  Clark usually did a great job greeting guests and trying to encourage guests to give him an extra treat. The puppy years with Clark were never boring to say the least.  Lewis and Clark shared many adventures in our Norton Vineyard and had several blogs written by our interns including, Lewis & Clark Hermann Hill Explorers, A Rainy Day in the Vineyard, Vineyard Adventures Part 1 & Part 2  click on any link to read more about all the fun times they shared together.

Regrettably as Clark approached his adolescent  years his behavior began to change and Lewis's docile personality was no match for Clark's growing need to be a rebel.  After guest complaints about being too aggressive, we knew it was time for Clark to find a new home where he could roam free and bark at anything he wanted to.  Although it was not easy for Peggy and Terry or our staff, we have comfort in knowing he has found a great new home.  Even better, the new owner's share videos of Clark with us, like this latest video of him barking at a herd of cows.

Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn