Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hermann's Art on the Runway

"Art on the Runway" showcases the work of Hermann artists
Four lines of equal length once just made a square, now lines and geometric forms take on even more dimension.   One -of- a- kind creations make up.

"Art on the Runway..A Fashion Show of Wearable Art."  That's the theme of the 14th annual Hermann Area District Hospital (HADH) fashion show and fund raiser that celebrates a wide range of Hermann talent.  The show will be held in the Hermann Hill Banquet room on March 21st.  The vendor market opens at 10.

The "Art" in something you wear can come from the construction, the choice of fabric, or even the embellishments.   Local artists use jewelry, coats,
jackets, capes, vests, sweaters, dresses and skirts as canvasses to show their own styles and mediums.   Cotton canvas jackets are painted in abstract patterns,  plein aire  landscapes and one even has a jeweled collar.
Some of the garments will be auctioned, some will be for sale and others will be from the artists' own collections. 

 A kimono style shirt features eco printing, a natural dying process using plant material wrapped in bundles and steamed. There will be knitted shawls, one from cashmere and mink yarn ,  leather and fabric accessories

The event is sponsored by the HADH Auxiliary.  For more information, call 486-2041.

Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn

Experience Hermannn Hill

In 2015 we celebrate couples and relationships.  After 45 years of marriage and 20 years of talking with couples we have learned how important it is to take time together to improve their relationships.  We are asking guests to share their advice and tips to continue a healthy relationships.  Guests entered into a monthly drawing for a $100 Hermann Hill gift certificate to be used for lodging, spa services or in our gift shop. This month's two winners are..... 

David and Jennifer-St. Peters, Mo and Chris and Jessie- St. Louis, Mo

Chris and Jessie wrote:
When you have four young kids ( 2 of which are twin 2 year old's) it's really easy to forget to leave time and energy for each other.  We've found it really helpful to spend some time every night after putting the kids to bed, just sitting on the couch together talking about our day.  It also provides a time to talk about things that may have been bothering us, but in a time we are more calm and less emotional about it.   Our relationship has also really benefited as we've continued to learn more about ourselves.  Self awareness has led to better communication.  It's also helpful to talk to a therapist before things reach a crisis point.  We are continually deepening our relationship with each other and ourselves.

David and Jennifer wrote:
Spend time doing things your spouse enjoys even if it doesn't appeal to you.  Sometimes I will play video games with my husband just so I can spend time with him and he does things with me like watch shows on TV that he doesn't really care for.  It helps us to show each other that we desire to be with one another no matter what we are doing.

 Guest Drawing Contest

We have had several guests in the past share with us art work on their breakfast papers, guest surveys and their in-room journals.  We put sketch pads in all of our guest rooms and asked guests to share their drawings with us and we would pick a winner each month.  The winners photos will be hung in our hallway going down to Vidal and Seyval Spa suites and send them a $50 gift certificate and a framed photo of their drawing.

Winners Ric and Nicole- St. Peters, Mo
 Zen guest contest

Our first two time winners!

 David and Jennifer-St. Peters, Mo

Zen gardens have been part of the Japanese culture for centuries.  They represent self-examination, enlightenment and create an environment for meditation and expression of thought.  We now have small Zen gardens in all twenty of our suites and cottages for our guests to create their own Zen masterpiece! We are asking guests to take a picture with their phone of their Zen garden and we will send them a $50 gift certificate and their own Zen garden.

Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Chocolate Wine Trail

            Come stay at Hermann Hill this February for a romantic escape, and while you’re here, you can go on Hermann’s Chocolate Wine Trail, a yearly tradition for many couples.  Hosted by 7 local wineries, this wine trail is a favorite for anyone with a taste for wine and chocolate.  Visitors will get to try many different flavor combinations of wine and chocolate at each location they stop.  Tickets are $30 a piece, and can be purchased through the Hermann Welcome Center 1-800-932-8687.  Transportation is not included with the ticket price. 
            Please remember us when booking your room.  Staying with us can guarantee you the romantic getaway you’ve been wanting for. 

Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hermann Hill Guest Contest Winners!

In 2014 we celebrated memories and experiences at Hermann Hill!  We asked guests to share with us what they did during their stay with us and each was entered into a monthly drawing for a $100 Hermann Hill gift certificate to be used for lodging, spa services or in our gift shop. For the month of February we are asking guests to share with us their tips for a healthy relationship. 

This months guest contest winners wrote:

Philip and Amber- Kansas City, Mo

My husband and I came to Hermann Hill for our honeymoon.  It has been nine weeks since out wedding and it was great to relax and getaway from our everyday lives.  We enjoyed the couples massage on our first night and it was a life saver!  The Chicken noodle soup in the fridge was icing on the cake because we didn't have to think about going out after relaxing so much.  This was a much needed rest from the everyday grind that my husband and I deal with everyday and we look forward to returning to Hermann Hill! 

Marty and Susan- Vergennes, Il

Our meals were delicious.  Guest services are wonderful!  Rooms and amenities are awesome!  We enjoyed the spa with a couples massage.  We could only stay 1 day this time but plan to return for a longer stay!!

We were able to spend the afternoon downtown as well.  Hermann has so much to offer even in the cold of winter.

Our Zen contest winners wrote and shared.

So there is a story behind what we wrote. We live in Florissant, MO and I am a Pastor in Bellefontaine Neighbors. We have been deeply involved in the sad events of Ferguson as our church is right in the thick of things and our
people have certainly been affected.

In the weeks following the November unrest, local artists began to paint pictures and messages of hope on the boarded up windows. One such piece was a heart with a cross with the words "love will win". It has become the message that our church has spread through the love of Jesus.

Amanda and I came to Hermann Hill to enjoy some down time and a much needed
rest after months of fear, anxiety, and heartbreak. Thank you for such a
wonderful getaway.

Continue to keep the people of Ferguson and North County in your prayers.

Thank you!
Nathan and Amanda- Florissant, Mo

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn

What's new at Hermann Hill!

The first 3 weeks of January have been busy up on the "hill!"  We have begun the process of updating our Inn rooms.   New rugs, chairs, and tables have been purchased and new linens have been ordered- but there is still a lot of shopping to be done.  We also have been working with a local interior designer, Luci Valbuena from TerraFlora to pick out paint and furnishings.  The major endeavor started today by taking out all the carpets in our rooms and replacing them with hard wood flooring and area rugs.  We will keep you posted and share more pictures as these transformations take place!
Thanks for making Hermann Hill the Best in the Midwest for the past 20 years!

Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn

Top 10 Things you Should do as a Couple!

After 45 years of marriage and 20 years of talking with couples who have stayed with us at both of our lodging properties, we have learned how important it is to take time together to improve relationships.  February seems like the appropriate month the share with you some of the specific advice mentioned by our guests through their writing in our Vineyard Inn and Riverbluff Cottage in-room journals.  What follows are 10 tips with advice from guests who have stayed at Hermann Hill!

1.)    Exercise together!  If possible get out in the open breath the fresh air and enjoy the beauty around you!  Exercise is also a great mood enhancer!  Exercise releases natural endorphins and hormones that make you feel better about yourself and gives a boost to your libido!  What our guests said....“We took about a 10 mile ride on the Katy Trail which was beautiful and invigorating and then came back to relax in our hot tub together.”....  “It was nice to get out and walk through the town visiting the shops along the 3-mile walk!  We even each got a free t-shirts for talking the walk.”

2.)    Work out a deal with another couple to take turns watching each others kids so you can enjoy date night!  Or ask family to watch the kids and reward them with their own stay! This will give both you and another couple the time alone together you need!.... “My husband and I were sent here by two amazing parents who saw two tired and exhausted young parents.  This has been a trip of rest, relaxation and re-connection for us. We will never forget this time and look forward to coming back next year!”

3.)    Take a bath together.  Taking a bath together creates a deeper connection and you don’t even have to clean the tub at Hermann Hill…. “After sharing a Jacuzzi bath we snuggled together to watch a movie in bed together.”

4.)    Play a game together! Laughing together can create compassion, trust and intimacy! It helps you loosen up with each other and develop a stronger bond in your relationship….”Our favorite game was that every time a train went by we would kiss.  This led to some great fun and laughter.”

5.)    Focus on what’s important in life.  Life can put everyone on edge from time to time, whether it’s stress from work or family.  When “life” happens it is important to focus on the bigger picture of it all…. “Marc and I decided to come here and spend some time together and also reflect on what is really important in life.  To my fellow 202’ers.  I offer the following words of advice.  Walk out onto the deck when night comes, those stars are for you.  Look at the trees, the river, and the tiny houses far away…they are all for you.  It’s okay to be scared in life but never lose wonder in the greatness of this magical world.”

6.)    Surprise your loved one.  This can be to celebrate special moments such as anniversaries or birthdays or just because your loved one may need a break.  Surprises aren’t just a gift to your loved one they are moments that will create memories together….  “This was our first trip to Hermann…It was my birthday and my boyfriend surprised me.  IT WAS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!  I had such a relaxing and peaceful time.  It was the perfect getaway for us!”

7.)    Pamper yourself and your relationship.  Everyone deserves a break and when you take that break together to pamper yourself it gives you both that time to just enjoy each other….”After exhortations, reminders, and last minute instructions, we left the kids (with their cell phones) and headed out for a weekend of freedom and self-indulgence.  No cooking, laundry, grocery shopping or running kids here and there.  Just a quiet time in our normally regimented life to enjoy a place where we could focus on each other.”

8.)    Communicate and dream together!  Communication is the best thing for a relationship but we have to remember communication is a two way street.  You have to listen, ask questions, dream together, plan together….”25 years together, it went by so fast. It seems like we never have the time to do the things that really matter.  But in these two short days we…slept in, talked, soaked in the tubs, watched weird movies, explored, planned, dreamed (grand kids, travel, retirement).  It seems we are still the same persons we were 25 years ago, only a little bit wiser.”

9.)     Explore new things together.  Sharing new experiences together from outside the relationship will enrich your relationship….”This was our first stay here.  We have been married a LONG time, and always look for new places we can go and reconnect with each other.  The Cottage was a great place for us to take advantage of everything Hermann Hill had to offer.”

10.) Appreciate what you have.  Many days you go through life in a trance doing your day to day routine, speaking in passing, maybe sharing a dinner or two together but never time to reflect on what you and you partner have built over the years…. “We wonder where did the years go?  Because time does move so fast, it was critical to find a place to slow down and fully appreciate all that we’ve been blessed with, how to best be grateful for today and give some thought to our future.  Best of all has been the time to reflect, laugh, pray and look to our future and also to realize just how blessed we are!”

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Experience Hermann Hill in 2015!

In 2015 Hermann Hill is encouraging all of our guests to turn their stay into an experience!  When you stay two nights at Hermann Hill we will give you a discount on any of the bellow upgrades!  Enjoy a massage, share appetizers, or sleep in together!

Relaxing upgrades-- add any upgrade and save!!!
Relaxing Spa upgrades
  • Two 45-minute Aveda couples massages in our Spa or in your Riverbluff cottage- $155
  • Two 90 minute Aveda couples massages- $255
  • One 45 minute massage with 15 minute mint chocolate facial mask- $85
Dinning Upgrades
  • Add a gourmet cheese and sausage tray with a bottle of wine- $25
  • Add a country picnic lunch- $25
  • Upgrade your grill basket replacing the brats with two rib-eyes or t-bones- $15
Cozy upgrades
  • One hour late check out- $30
  • Rose petals placed on your bed- $10
  • Massage basket with massage oils- $25

Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn